Warwick Conferences video shows benefits of dedicated venues

Warwick Conferences has unveiled a new animation to showcase the benefits of hosting business events at dedicated conferencing facilities.

Using insights from the independently commissioned Value of Satisfaction report which investigated the factors that contribute to positive delegate experiences, the animation follows two characters – Sarah and Nigel – on their own conferencing journeys: Sarah at a dedicated business venue, and Nigel at a multi-purpose venue.

Their very different experiences stem from the varying likelihood of running into disruptions while on-site at a meeting.

Warwick Conferences’ Value of Satisfaction report found that meeting disruption can take many forms – from unhelpful staff to Wi-Fi that’s not up to the job – with three-quarters of delegates experiencing disruption for one reason or another in the previous 12 months.

Business meetings held at multi-purpose venues – such as hotels – tend to be more susceptible to distractions, with 91% of delegates reporting having encountered disruption when using non-dedicated facilities. More than a quarter of delegates had been interrupted by non-business guests at a multi-purpose venue, including wedding parties and leisure groups.

Meeting disruptions can have a detrimental event on productivity, leading to events that don’t achieve what they set out to do, which explains why 96% of managers agree that a venue should lack distractions, and value focused environments in which delegates can get on with the task at hand.

Warwick Conferences is a collection of meeting space at the University of Warwick, including three distraction-free, dedicated training and conference centres – Scarman, Radcliffe, and Arden – and the on-campus Conference Park.

Rachael Bartlett, head of sales and marketing at Warwick Conferences, comments: “Unfortunately, meeting disruption is rife in the conferencing industry, leading to lower levels of delegate satisfaction and a high proportion of meetings that don’t achieve their goals.

“Choosing the right environment for your event is key to its success. Generally speaking, dedicated venues are better placed to deal with meeting disruption since their expertise and focus lies in catering solely for business guests.  Non-dedicated venues, on the other hand, have a multitude of needs to manage, leaving business events held at these venues more susceptible to disruptions.  

“To maximise productivity, it’s important to properly evaluate your requirements and ascertain which type of venue would work best for your event before you book.”

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