Warwick Conferences video showcases value of customer service

Warwick Conferences has unveiled a new video exploring the real meaning of customer service, featuring interviews with its staff about what it takes to achieve guest satisfaction.

Using insights from the independent Value of Satisfaction report—commissioned by Warwick Conferences—the video captured opinions from members of the Warwick Conferences’ team who were asked to explain what ‘customer service’ means to them and why they consider it to be so important.

One of the key insights from the Value of Satisfaction report found that 62% of event-goers cited knowledgeable and helpful staff as the most important factor that leads them to feel satisfied about an event experience—outranking the proximity of the venue, parking facilities, Wi-Fi access, catering, cost, and even the effectiveness of the meeting itself.

Rachael Bartlett, head of sales and marketing at Warwick Conferences, comments: “The staff at Warwick Conferences is and always has been our most powerful asset, helping to ensure that we consistently deliver excellent customer service for our guests.

“The Value of Satisfaction report confirmed what we’ve long known to be true: that you simply can’t put a price on good service, and that it’s a venue’s people that helps it to excel.

“As the backbone of our venues, we wanted to get our team’s opinion on what customer service means to them as individuals, and how they approach it in their day-to-day professional lives. The video we’ve created provides a glimpse into just some of the people that work tirelessly to ensure that the service at Warwick Conferences is second to none.”

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