Boost social media engagement at events

It is safe to say social media has pretty much taken over many aspects of day to day life offering opportunities for networking, business and news. We can communicate, learn and discover new trends with just a click, scroll and swipe. As many are aware, one key use social media is excelling at its uses for marketing strategies.

Social media platforms offer us multiple angles to maximise sharing content.  You may want to consider the below techniques

  • Event interviewsDigital social media tree
  • Live Tweets and updates
  • Display clips from past events
  • Pictures
  • Live streams

Platforms such as Twitter are a key tool for communication and discussions of relevant topics, events and trends. In a sense it is part of a community where like-minded individuals can share ideas and information.  It is important to get as much as possible out there to promote your series of events so that those who attended can recall the experience and those who didn’t can view what they missed!

Ways to boost engagement

Create a Google hang out or Twitter Chat prior to the event – invite speakers to participate (this gives viewers a demo of what to expect at the event)

Come up with and promote a hashtag (#). Generate discussions using it. At your event, produce live tweets which you could display using a Twitter wall. A #hashtag that is relevant to your event is very handy as it can still be used post event for attendees to continue any discussions or ask questions.

The best ways to make your events memorable is to ensure there is full participation from your guests so think about holding competitions with prizes.

The important thing is that you want to maximise your search engine listings, so make sure you create event pages on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. These platforms create a community, think about how you can manage your company’s reputation and identity.

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