How to sell the perfect Asian wedding dream

Over two-thirds of British Asians will spend between £30k-£75k on their wedding day, was the message delivered to UK event professionals at the mia’s recent ‘Selling the wedding dream’ workshop.

When comparing the recent research that suggests that 80% of English couples are now budgeting up to a maximum of £15,000 for their big day, venue managers were given an insight into the knowledge, skills and insights needed to capitalise on the UK’s growing and immensely lucrative Asian wedding market.

During the one-day session at Chandos House on Wednesday, 22 June that was delivered by sales and leadership training gurus Rehan Alam and Pratibha, delegates explored the different cultures, traditions and rituals that exist within the Asian market and were given helpful tips and guides on how to access and capitalise on the opportunities.

Using this knowledge, time was then dedicated to learning about the various ways venues attract and convert more Asian weddings.

The event was packed full of in-depth knowledge and insights. Here are a few top tips:

  1. Do your research – always try and find out if your potential customer is Sikh, Hindu or Muslim as demonstrating your knowledge of the subtle differences between the ceremonies and reception will show you are experienced, conscientious and understanding of the importance of traditions.


  1. Sell on benefits, not on price – we already know Asian weddings usually come with a hefty budget so never sell your venue short by offering monetary discounts. The typical Asian couple want to feel their venue is the best of the best so instead of cheapening it on price negotiate with added value to secure maximum return.


  1. Be flexible – next to the venue, the caterer is the most important decision for an Asian couple and could very well be make or break for choosing your venue. Allowing third-party caterers access to your venue is almost a prerequisite for targeting the Asian market and in order to secure a booking you will need to offer some flexibility on unknown suppliers.


  1. Target your market – according to the session 60% of Asian couples are more likely to buy a product or a service advertised on ethnic television or magazines and with England becoming an increasingly popular destination wedding for couples living in India, allowing a portion of your advertising budget to targeted channels could be a great way of growing that market.


  1. Be sensitive – ultimately, securing a booking for an Asian wedding at your venue involves being sensitive and accommodating to the intricate cultural details and sacred rituals within them. If you and your events team are really committed to growing the market at your venue make sure they are clued up and aware of the dos and don’ts.
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