Bake That!

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Does your team fancy themselves as the next bakers in your office?
Men and women all over the country have been inspired to reach for their oven gloves, roll up their sleeves and use their loaf with the comeback of the popular TV Programme last night.
If this is something that has inspired you, we would like to introduce to you our fantastic team building event – Bake That!
The best bit of all (apart from getting to eat it at the end) – we bring the kitchen to you! We can run this event in almost any venue.

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Festive Bake That!

With Christmas only four months away we can also adapt this event and put a festive spin on it. Introducing our Festive Bake That.
After a short introduction and demonstration, the chef will give the teams a challenge to make a variety of festive themed bakery and pastry items.
Teams then go head to head to make, bake, and ice a variety of bakery items while the clock is ticking, penalties will be given for under cooked cake or split custards.
Our chef will judge each category awarding points for creativity, skill and taste.

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You will be able to find a whole host of activity ideas on our website.

If you would like any information regarding your event please visit us online, email or call a member of the team today. 

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