So you think you know Social Media?

When I was asked to write a blog about Social Media by the mia, I jumped at the chance to share my ideas on what social media is really all about and how we live in an age in which sharing is caring. The old days where businesses kept their ideas to themselves have gone. Today we use words like engage, interact, share and feedback a lot more when it comes to developing better relationships with our clients (existing and potential). Of course, better relationships translate to better businesses and better reputation.

One of the things that jumped out to me is the misconceptions that businesses often have about Social Media and what they think it can do for them. It is usually very different to what it can actually do.

With this in mind I posted a question on Twitter and Facebook asking the following question, “Should I do an article on “Busting Social Media Myths” or “Top Tips for Social Media”?

Interestingly the overwhelming response from FB was for Tips but on Twitter it was Myths. This shows the different audience that you can have on these two popular social networks.

First, let us start with how the Oxford dictionary defines Social Media:


[treated as singular or plural]

  • websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.

With this definition it’s no surprise that people are confused. How can we define it in clearer and simpler terms for Business?

Here is my definition:

An opportunity to:

  1. Talk to your potential customers
  2. Ask questions of your customers
  3. Answer questions for your customers
  4. Share interesting news and links with your customers
  5. Build a social proof that shows that you are someone who is an expert in their field.

It goes without saying that the more we know about our customers the better the chances of selling to our customers. It’s no accident that the most successful businesses are the ones that know their customers inside out, they live and breathe their customers and it also goes without saying that without customers you don’t really have a business so to be given an opportunity to talk to them should be seen as an opportunity to build a better relationship with them. If I told you that I could put you in a room full of people who you could consider potential clients, would you say NO to that?

Social media has become an important part of many people’s lives and part of the marketing strategy for many businesses. Some businesses have embraced it and swear by the results whilst others have avoided it or stopped using it because of lack of understanding in the early days of Social Media.

Here are the 3 common myths I hear most often:

  1. My Customers Don’t use Social Media.

Most of the people who say this usually haven’t adopted Social Media as a strategy to socialise and engage with customers yet. There is lots of research that suggests that over 80% of adults online use social media. It’s fair to say that its adults who are usually decision makers and if so many are using it, can we really afford not to?

  1. Social Media is not relevant to my Business.

If you are a business and have something to say then social media is very relevant. Customers today are more discerning than ever before so it’s incredibly important that we talk to our potential customers and tell them what we are all about because we know that they will want to buy from businesses that are transparent, honest and have value to add in some way. Social Media allows us to do this by sharing our ideas, influences, articles, and pictures etc. which help increase our understanding about who we are and how to engage with us.

  1. Its too time consuming.

There are many Management Tools that can be used to make your social media strategy easy to manage. Hootsuite is one of the most popular tools out there that lets you share to most of your social networks in one easy platform. Another useful function is the ability to schedule your posts for the following day. This automatically (or manually) schedules your posts to be posted at various intervals throughout the day for maximum reach and impact.

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Written by Rehan Alam

Rehan is a successful Motivational Speaker and Expert Trainer in Sales and Leadership for Business Growth. He is known for Inspiring businesses to grow and develop with his unique, no nonsense style.

“My main aim with all the training I offer is to deliver it in an interactive, engaging and enjoyable way. I normally deliver my training courses in a ‘workshop’ style – i.e. fairly informal and practical. However, if you would prefer a more formal seminar style course I have a great deal of experience presenting my courses that way also. Whatever the format, the key thing is that all attendees leave excited about ideas and strategies they can start to implement right away.”



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