Dietary trends: 5 things to know about Rhubarb

When we mention Rhubarb, thoughts of warm pie and custard jump to mind, but this winter marvel has much more in its repertoire than classic desserts.

As this vibrant vegetable comes to the height of its seasonality, we thought it would be a good excuse to champion a plant which is both delicious and quintessentially British by offering the 5 things you need to know about Rhubarb.

1.      If you’re struggling to stick to that new year diet, Rhubarb could be just the thing for you. The winter veg is low in both calories and fat, and is cholesterol free and high in fibre meaning it good for you inside and out.

2.      Rhubarb is also packed with nutrients that will help you fend of the winter cold. Just a cup of the stuff has the same amount of calcium as a glass of milk!

3.      Rhubarb is fantastic for those of you with green fingers but a lack of time or room, as it can be grown in confined spaces. The plants need little attention and do not usually succumb to diseases and pests.

4.      Rhubarb can be eaten for breakfast lunch and dinner! Although commonly a dessert ingredient, this winter wonder is a great accompaniment to pork dishes and can be blended to add some natural sweetness to a veg smoothie.

5.      As if this flamboyantly coloured vegetable wasn’t versatile enough, you can even, with a little perseverance, make your very own wine! Creating delicious drinks from Rhubarb is a lot easier than it might sound and the wine can be made in early spring and kept for up to a year after bottling. The result is a vibrant pink beverage perfect for enjoying over ice on a hot summers day.

Underrated and overlooked, Rhubarb is often dismissed as a dessert veg, however with a little ingenuity, it can open up a whole new culinary world. So next time you pick up a stick of Rhubarb and your mind contemplates stewing it with some warm custard, consider instead making something a little more unique, after all, who would complain about receiving a chilled glass of Rhubarb wine instead of dessert!

Written by Steve Connell

Steve joined The Brewery, a Grade-II listed events venue situated in the heart of the City of London, in June 2012. Steve joined the team at The Brewery from The Recipe, where he was head chef. Responsible for the day to day running of the kitchen, Steve oversees all aspects of delivery, from menu development, budget management to food preparation.

Since joining, Steve has pushed the boundaries of clients’ expectations for conferences and events, and working alongside food director Tom Gore, he has reinvigorated the catering services at the venue.

Steve and his brigade cater for all in-house events for varying budgets and briefs, from private parties to award ceremonies and conferences for up to 1,000.



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