Transforming a blank canvas space

The idea of a blank canvas can be daunting. We’ve all been there, staring at a white screen, an empty space or blank piece of paper and wondering where on earth you’re going to start. This is always the hardest part, but with a few clever touches and some creative flair, a blank canvas will soon turn from a feared enemy into a firm ally.

A blank canvas space gives event planners a chance to let their imaginations off the lead and flex their creative muscles. Event professionals are creative, gutsy and know what they want, after all, it’s their job to translate client and brand identities into tangible results. Arguably, blank canvas spaces offer the perfect vehicle for the visionary.

A blank canvas space is an opportunity to add your own personal touch. You’ll be surprised at how many styles you can draw out from a single space using lighting, theming, staging and decorations – the key is to look for aspects which can be quickly and easily transformed.

Lighting, for example, is one of the biggest contributors to the atmosphere of an event and can be transformed at the touch of a button. If a space is too brightly lit it can become garish, while a room that’s too dark will struggle to highlight its features and will dull any decorative effects. Subtle accents on architectural features is a neat and often inexpensive way to add depth to a space.

While lighting and AV is one way to create an immersive and inviting feeling for guests, the use of props and decoration can also make the space visually spectacular and help to accentuate the mood of the occasion. These features can also provide a talking point for guests and encourage them to mingle and capture the moment via social media.

Of course, all the creativity in the world won’t go far without the practical touch. It’s important to work with the venue’s staff to establish any venue quirks and find out what is and isn’t possible. Working closely with your event manager means you’ll have the advantage of someone who’s seen the space set up in every conceivable format offering you some highly valuable insight. This partnership is vital to achieving and inspiring outcomes you may not have considered.

Your empty canvas will be as good as the person who styles it, so make the most of the space. It’s important to enter with a vision, but also with a flexible mind-set. Don’t see things as they are, picture what they can be!


Written by Christopher Cashman

Chris Cashman is the Sales & Events Manager at LSO St Luke’s, the Grade I listed home of the London Symphony Orchestra’s music education centre.

With over six years’ industry experience, Chris has worked on all aspects of the event planning process and has managed  a whole host of events including awards, concerts, conferences, gala dinners and wedding receptions.


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