Keeping the summer spirit alive with a taste of Polynesia

Owing it’s varied and vibrant cuisine to a history of cultural amalgamation, Polynesia has much to share when it comes to food. Spanning across the Pacific Ocean from Hawaii, all the way to New Zealand, the Polynesian Triangle is a wonderful mishmash of cultural influence with inspiration from Chinese and Portuguese origins to Vietnamese and French food.

The combination of cuisines makes for an exciting and unique offering which champions ingenuity and experimentation, something we are big fans of at The Brewery. The flavours that make up the Polynesian palate are diverse and unafraid to mix things up. Exotic fruit and veg, freshly caught seafood and punchy spices not only pack meals with flavour, but also offer a lighter, healthier approach to dining which can be enjoyed year round. From light fish dishes in the summer to spicy broths in the winter, Polynesian food is a real year round cuisine.

A large focus on provenance and freshness means the cuisine offers plenty of nourishing goodness, and makes for the perfect bridge between summer and autumn when our bodies need an extra boost to adapt to the colder months. From Hawaiian salmon poke with Sriracha mayo and crispy shallots to Bajan flavoured Tiki fish cakes with sweet and sour salsas, colour, flavour and spice run through the veins of this island cuisine and make for one of the seasons most exciting gastronomic experiences.

As well as incredible flavours, the Polynesian way of eating comes with a range of cultural traditions which encourage social eating and a connection to the land. Food, as in many cultures, is used to celebrate indigenous ancestries and to bring families together. This is something that is too often overlooked in the UK despite our reputation for some of the world’s best produce, and is definitely one aspect of food culture that we can learn from the Pacific islands. A strong link with the land also means many Polynesian inhabitant’s diets coincide with the season, a great way to ensure your body is getting what it needs whatever the season.

Let’s try to prolong the summer feeling and take a leaf from Polynesia’s book. That means plenty of healthy home-grown veg, fresh, sustainable fish and a communal style of dinning which encourages families and friends to come together. It may not be quite the tropical paradise you had in mind, but it’s one step closer, that’s for sure!


Written by Tom Gore
Heavily influenced by his global culinary experiences, from working in kitchens all over the world, Tom’s ethos is to keep the basis of his dishes simple and use classic flavours, to create recipes with unusual combinations to a fine-dining standard.Bringing his vitality and passion to the kitchen, Tom has pushed the boundaries of clients’ expectations for conferences and events, and working with his brigade of chefs, cater for all in-house events from private parties to award ceremonies and conferences for up to 1,000.

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