Bedroom Refurbishment Begins…

Two sample bedrooms were completed in March, a standard bedroom and a suite, they had different carpets and various items, as visually seeing this helped select the most suitable items. A select few regular guests also had the luxury of staying in these bedrooms for feedback. Mark Hills (General Manager) “we want our guests to […]

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Choosing the best speaker for your event

You’ve got a brief prepared for your next event, but how are you going to start choosing that perfect fit for the keynote speech? Judith Sloane, Deputy Manager at Meet Cambridge spoke to Speakers Corner, a speaker consultation company and booking service, to gain insight into how to book the best speaker for an event. […]

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Virtual tours are hot topic at mia’s Agent Day

On Thursday 27 April, venues and event organisers alike came together at Mythe Barn for the mia’s Agents Day. The sell- out event was well attended by over 100 event professionals from across the country as well as 15 agents representing Capita Travel and Events, Pandora Events, tobook Ltd, arrangeMY, Sundial SOS, Off Limits Corporate […]

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It’s time we re-define ‘food waste’

Waste, Verb to use or expend carelessly, extravagantly, or to no purpose Surplus, Adj more than what is needed or used; excess What does food waste mean to you? For many the simple misuse of the word ‘waste’ conjures up thoughts of out of date, inedible food that should be condemned to the bin, something […]

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