It’s time we re-define ‘food waste’

Waste, Verb to use or expend carelessly, extravagantly, or to no purpose Surplus, Adj more than what is needed or used; excess What does food waste mean to you? For many the simple misuse of the word ‘waste’ conjures up thoughts of out of date, inedible food that should be condemned to the bin, something […]

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1 in 10 delegates go free with Sandy Park’s Easter Offer

Take advantage of Sandy Park’s ‘eggscellent’ Easter Offer! Book a conference at Devon’s premier conference and event venue Sandy Park this April and 1 in 10 delegates will go free, plus complimentary hot cross buns will be added to your package. Sandy Park’s day delegate rates start from £38.50 per person and include room hire, tea and coffee, […]

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How to Get into Event Planning without a Degree

Whether you’re stepping out on your first career path, or swapping your skills and experience from one career to another, it’s certainly possible to build yourself a whole new career in events without committing to a 3 year degree course in event management. Initially though, your concerns about a degree and your options for progressing […]

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What should Event Planners be asking their venue?

Event planners, what should you be asking your venue? Choosing a venue can make or break your event, from the logistical issues such as convenience  and facilities to service issues such as what support will the events team offer. Here we’ll suggest a few questions you should be armed with when approaching prospective  venues to […]

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Staff training

It was William Shakespeare who said ‘Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them’ and at The Brewery, the latter is something we believe in whole heartedly. I like to take the grassroots approach and think that the path to success is littered with failures and hardship, but ultimately, […]

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